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Treatment of Peri-Prosthetic Infections at Our San Diego Practice

Infections following artificial joint replacement, known as peri- prosthetic infections, are a very serious complication with an incidence of one or two in every 100 procedures. At REOrthopaedics, Inc., our orthopedic surgeons have exceptional experience in diagnosing and treating prosthetic infections.

In addition to treating prosthetic infections, our office in San Diego serves patients from nearby Los Angeles and across the globe suffering from many other orthopedic conditions, including osteomyelitis, bone deformities, bone and soft tissue tumors, and infections related to bone fractures and trauma .

Peri-Prosthetic Infections

Peri-prosthetic infections are a potential side effect, but rare occurrence, following artificial joint replacement. These infections are considered a serious complication and deserve a comprehensive and individualized treatment approach - offered by the surgeons at our San Diego practice.

Prosthetic infections do not always show up right after surgery. The occurrence may be:

  • Early: within a month after replacement surgery.
  • Delayed: more than a month after replacement surgery.
  • Late: acquired more than one year after replacement surgery

Cause of Peri-Prosthetic Infections

Peri- prosthetic infections occur for several reasons. Most of these infections involve bacteria that have either entered the blood stream, have been shed from some other site, or were present in the skin and soft tissue. These bacteria can overwhelm the patient’s immune system and, ultimately, lead to a serious infection within or near the replacement site.

Symptoms of a possible prosthetic infection include:

  • joint pain
  • swelling
  • redness of the skin
  • fever
  • drainage
  • abnormal laboratory values

Prosthetic infections can be diagnosed at REOrthopaedics, Inc. – a premier orthopedic surgery practice in San Diego, in close proximity to Los Angeles and Mexico. Our surgeons will use state-of-the-art diagnostic modalities to determine the type of infection and an appropriate course of treatment.

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